I have been teaching yoga, meditation, health & wellness workshops and sound meditation sessions for nearly 3 years at the leading health retreat - Billabong Retreat in Sydney.

I feel a deep appreciation for this earth we have come to be on and through my own experience continue to practice opening my heart, to love, kindness and compassion. To share what I have come to find has helped me through many of the life's ups and downs, although that isn't to say it is going to work for everyone. There are so many ways to do one thing and it's finding the way that works and resonates with you.

I believe in finding your own truth and before believing something to be true, if possible experiment with it for yourself. We often don't question what we are taught or believe something we have read or heard without experiencing it for ourselves. I am all for people finding their own truths and stepping into their own power. We are far more powerful than we realise.

How can we uncover our own innate power with ourselves? If it was easy we would all be doing it and wouldn't seek the guidance of others. Reality is life and things that are typically more beneficial to us take a lot more energy and commitment than we might be used to.

My Journey so far...

A little bit about my journey so far that has lead me to what I feel is my life purpose.

Rewind to my childhood, there were many situations and events that forced me to grow up fast. I saw a lot of domestic violence as a child and had a wish in my heart that one day I would be old enough to leave like my older brother did. As life should have it my older brother's life was to end also at the hands of violence. I had a lot of hate and hurt in my heart even though there was a massive part of me that still cared and loved very deeply. I was so hurt and couldn't at that point and time understand why people choose to be this way. As years passed by almost every day for many years, I didn't want to be here, until one day I did. I just woke up one day and wanted to be here. I didn't go seeking anything at that point in time it just passed naturally. I started to see things differently, deep down I no longer wanted to suffer. I couldn't change what happened so I decided to change the way I looked at what happened. There have been many lessons along the way and by no way am I perfect. We are all human and make mistakes. I have been broken many times and with more lessons to learn after having miscarriages and also the choice of deciding to not go through with 2 pregnancies as well. It has taught me to not only forgive others but also forgive myself most importantly. Like Buddha said, "pain is inevitable. Suffering is a choice"! - that is a practice in itself to release suffering. Truly though for me I have done a lot of work around losing my brother and only recently was I really ready to face it directly. I decided to go towards the pain, instead of away from it. This is something that isn't natural to us in any way but I no longer wanted to hold onto this sadness I still felt almost 15 years after his passing. I re-read over the court case and some of the paper articles surrounding his murder. It was so uncomfortable and took me into that same place I felt after he initially passed. It wasn't at all nice in any way and the one thing I reminded myself in those moments after all the teaching and practicing I just said to myself this will pass, I am not my thoughts nor this pain. It took just over a week to begin to feel myself again but now have a lot more peace around it. Might not be for everyone, however; to heal from the pain, one is generally in the pain. Facing our truth and what we feel can be so challenging. 

" I couldn't change what happened so I decided to change the way I looked at what happened"

These are things that have happened in my life and have shaped the person I am now and this is what I share through what I teach. So many of us are suffering as I too have gone to many depths within different mental and emotional states such as anger, hate, grief, depression, anxiety, but I have also experienced the complete opposite in the emotional and mental space such as love, kindness, forgiveness, and compassion. There is somehow this duality within this universe we live in and I feel in our darkest times are some of the most precious and amazing gifts that we are given in order to share with others.

It is not easy by any means and that is what I offer as apart of the teachings. Through different yoga, meditation and most importantly for me sound I found ways to help me heal, release, cry or scream. For us to connect back to our physical bodies and through that we then get direct access to the other layers with us, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

"We have all the answers already but we have forgotten who we are. This is a path we must walk on our own even with all these teachings and practices we still return back to the same place over and over again, ourselves! I feel it is not about becoming anything and more about realising who we already are. "

We have the power to create and destroy. We can use books, teachers and health professionals to seek guidance however; all the work comes from you and only you. No one heals you but yourself.


All I offer is myself real and vulnerable. We all have scars. You can choose to hide them and feel ashamed or you can wear them with pride and know that we all have a story. Are you willing to share yours? Share your story not to get sympathy but to help free the story from your identity and maybe come to see for yourself that you are not your story. Finding ways we can learn to accept it completely and just letting it be, much easier said than done of course.

I can say that yoga and meditation has helped me discover in myself that peace, calm and love is something within me always and its not something to be found as it has and always will exist within each and every one of us.

These practices are never-ending, there is no real place to get to or shape to make. If you are seeking something that already exists then you may not find it. Have you found it? If something already exists how can we find it?  All it requires you to acknowledge it! Just as the truth needs no one to stand by it. It stands all on its own. 

One thing I remind myself often is if we can be anything be kind xx